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AMPLE Nature’s ‘Kangaroo Valley’ is the coming-of-age story of a young kangaroo joey called Mala, learning what it takes to survive her incredible first year out of the pouch. This special young Kangaroo has just twelve months to perfect all the skills she’ll need to make it in this strange world she’s discovering. She’ll meet her new friends, Warren the Wombat, the Koalas, and her best friend Buru, but she’ll also have to avoid all the foes of the valley, including the ever-present dingo pack. As Mala masters her wobbly legs, and overcomes her fears, the biggest lesson she’ll learn is how to be herself. Ample Ent

Kangaroo Valley
1 x 80′, Ample Ent/Netflix, Director: Kylie Stott, Full Audio Post

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