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Owen Peters
Owen Peters

Tom Mercer

Dubbing Editor and Sound Designer

My interest in sound began at school where I learned to play guitar and drums – I was lucky that my school also offered an A Level in Music Technology. This inspired me to do a degree in Audio & Music Technology, where my final year project focused on surround sound technologies and the concept of immersion. This naturally led me to Wounded Buffalo, being the only Dolby Atmos equipped studio outside of London. Here I interviewed Buffalo dubbing mixer Ben Peace for my project and met local mixer Andrew Wilson. Both of whom, along with my lecturer Martyn Harries, were endlessly supportive and willing to pass on their considerable knowledge. Soon after that, I was offered a job as a Runner at Wounded Buffalo, where I have quickly progressed into foley editing as well.

When did you realise you would like to do sound post-production?
During an assignment for my degree. I was doing the tracklay and mix for a section of a film and whilst editing one of the sequences I suddenly felt it just fitted. It “belonged” to the picture; when it really works it is an addictive process.

What is the best aspect of your job at Wounded Buffalo?
The constructive nature of the process. Although you may only be a small cog in that process, it is immensely satisfying to know you have had a part in creating a world class production. I know I am very lucky to be learning from people who have a real passion for their work and who are very supportive of my development.

What is your favourite film for sound?
Sci-fi is my genre; there is so much scope for creativity. A recent film that comes to mind is Blade Runner 2049, I really liked the way in which they were not afraid for the soundtrack to be as quiet as it was complex and exciting.

If you were a sound effect what would you be?
A gently lapping shore, that’s the kind of state of mind I enjoy the most.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I am a big photography fan, I like to be able to explore the visual side of my creativity as well. In the same way that I find sound to be very expressive, with photography you can convey so much emotion and information in a single frame.

Would you like to compose for film?
I would give it a go… I will give anything a go!

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