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Tim Owens

Dubbing Editor and Sound Designer

I started in the old days at the BBC as a freelance assistant editor. In those days assistant editors always did the tracklaying. Because I was freelance I moved around a lot, to Birmingham, London, and then to HTV, where I started working on Dramas. I met Max at HTV, he had bought an audiofile for his sound effects library, which probably cost more than his house! The new technology enabled us to open the studio, and our first major project was the 999 series.

What type of programme do you prefer working on?

I like the variety of films and documentaries that comes to Buffalo. We offer sound for everything, and enjoy working on everything.

Where was your best sound recording trip?

Going to the Maasai Mara with Kate, and recording bears in British Columbia. Both trips were nostalgic as they reunited me with places where I used to live. I went to Sri Lanka to record macaque monkeys, and that was culturally very interesting. All the trips were very useful and we used all of the material that we recorded.

What is your favourite film for sound?

Often I know I’ve enjoyed a film when I haven’t noticed the sound, but I do notice certain techniques in the sound. I was very impressed with Paul Hamblin’s mixing abilities in The King’s Speech.

What is your biggest achievement?

The fact that I started Buffalo with Max and that we’re still going now! The new dubbing theatre that we’ve built is a huge achievement.

What is the most interesting sound that you’ve heard?

I’m always astounded by how unusual sound can be. The Weddell seal makes an extraordinarily surreal sound… it’s like science fiction.

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