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Jonny Crew

Dubbing Editor and Sound Designer

After a degree in music and a post grad in sound, I started working at Redweather Productions. There, I did a bit of everything: camera operating, web design, video editing, sound recording…anything that needed doing. It gave me a good grounding in every aspect of the production process, as well as troubleshooting and problem solving skills. In 2004 I became Max’s assistant sound editor. I helped Buffalo with the transition from audiofile to Pro Tools, via various systems. A big task that I undertook was the digitisation of the entire sound library. I currently work closely with Max as a dialogue editor on features and documentaries, which I really enjoy. I also record voiceovers and commentaries; it’s always interesting to work with actors and presenters. In the future I’d like to go into ADR recording and dialogue mixing.

What is interesting about working with sound?

Sound is a subconscious, primal response, and it’s interesting to play around with that. There are endless possibilities for influencing and altering the audience’s perception of a picture. For me there is also an endless fascination in revealing the inherent story in a sequence of pictures, and being able to bring the director’s vision to life. Sound is subtler but equally as important as picture. People may only notice the sound if there’s something not right with it, which is why it’s so important to get it right.

What’s your favourite film for sound?

The Conversation for so many reasons… and Das Boot, a brilliant war film set in a submarine. The sound depicts the claustrophobia and suspense perfectly.

What is your advice for people who want to work in the film industry?

Don’t give up; tenacity is a very important quality. It’s also important to be prepared to do everything at the start, and not just your speciality, so you gain an understanding of all processes and crafts in the industry.

What is the best project that you’ve worked on?

Dialogue editing for In the Dark Half and Son of Rambow. The whole process was as satisfying as the end result, there was such great direction throughout. It was great to work with young actors at the start of their career, I feel privileged to have been around for that.

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