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Barnaby Malins

Barnaby joined Wounded Buffalo at the beginning of 2022 as tech support and has a long term passion for all things audio. Previously he worked for the BBC, Evolutions and Icon Films and he now draws upon his past technical, sound and edit experience for his hugely varied role at Wounded Buffalo. 

Barnaby’s job is extraordinary, he coordinates and  looks after three Atmos theatres, seven edit suites, about ten editors, three Foley artists, four dubbing mixers and three production managers, whilst also fitting in a bit of sound editing.  He ensures all the kit is working, up to date, prepped for the job in hand and everyone has the right assets in the right place to commence work for the day.

His role at Wounded Buffalo is vast and demanding but he will always find the time to stop and say hello and is more than happy to  to give guidance and help with any technical requirements you may have during production.

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