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Theatre B
Theatre B desk

Dubbing Theatre B

Our second theatre has stereo, 5.1 and Dolby Home Entertainment surround sound with Foley, commentary and ADR recording facilities. It has produced many award-winning films such as “Jago – A Life Underwater” and “Hidden Kingdoms”.

Theatre B
Voice over

Theatre B is equipped with an Avid S6 console and Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 software. It is fully compatible with the Dolby Atmos theatre, enabling us to take on the most demanding productions with multiple theatres and large teams of sound designers.

The booth has an extensive selection of props and dedicated traps with a variety of surfaces for recording Foleys. In addition, we offer ‘Source Connect’ and ‘Skype’, so if your director and artist are in different locations we can remotely record your commentary for you; Source Connect enables remote studios to be locked via LTC timecode with the pictures streamed simultaneously. We can then rapidly send you your commentary files via the cloud-based computer file transfer service ‘WeTransfer’.

Facilities include hospitality and relaxation areas.

Security: Fob access, CCTV, screened windows and all digital transfers and drives are digitally encrypted.


In addition to our library of sound effects we have experienced Foley artists available to put those finishing touches to your soundtrack. Theatre B has endless weird and wonderful props plus dedicated traps in the floor that are fitted with a variety of surfaces to create bespoke, detailed sounds. From footsteps in the snow to the wing flap of an eagle, Foleys will subtly bring your film to life.

Foley artist

Our clients include:

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