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Theatre A
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Dolby Atmos Dubbing Theatre A

Our purpose-built Dolby Atmos feature certified theatre offers the best sound experience currently available. The multi-channel audio system allows precise placing and movement of sounds, creating a truly three-dimensional, immersive and exciting soundscape. The large and acoustically natural space also makes this theatre ideal for ADR recordings.

Theatre A
Theatre A reverse

This spacious (8.6 x 6.2 m) state-of-the-art theatre has a 5 x 3.1 metre screen, an Avid Pro Tools HDX3 system with S6 M40 console, and wall to wall speakers. Dolby Atmos® technology enables you to create a three-dimensional soundscape that is optimised to deliver the best sound experience in the cinema as well as for home theatres, sound bars and headphones.

There is a large open area for ADR that easily accommodates two artists or small crowds; we have recorded loops for AbbottVision, AMC and Aardman Animations. The theatre is equipped with Sennheiser MKH60, Nuemann U87 and DPA 4060 microphones, but if you require any further microphones we are happy to source them for you.

If you need to release your film in Dolby Atmos® we can guide you through the process with respect to organising print masters, obtaining a Dolby licence and completing the paperwork.

For your comfort we also provide hospitality, a relaxation area, shower room and off-street parking.

Security: Fob access, CCTV and all digital transfers and drives are digitally encrypted.

Theatre screen image courtesy of Felis Creations

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