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Sound Editing Suites
Edit suite 2

Sound Editing Suites

We have a team of highly experienced sound designers, plus five fully equipped edit suites and additional studio space above our Dolby Atmos theatre.

Sound editing suites
Sound editor working in sound editing room

Edit Suites

We are experienced in all genres of sound design including drama, animation, and natural history and have worked on everything from “Shaun the Sheep” through to David Attenborough’s “Seven Worlds”.

The edit suites are equipped with Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 with various plugins including Izotrope Rx, a powerful noise reduction software package.

Our editors also have an extensive sound effects library at their fingertips. Wounded Buffalo co-founder, Max, was passionate about recording sound effects and collected thousands over the years. Kate and Tim have also travelled to far off places like the Masai Mara and British Columbia, specifically to record authentic sound effects. We now have one of the most comprehensive sound libraries in the world, available at a moment’s notice in every workspace.

Recording sound effects in Massai Mara
Recording sound effects in Massai Mara

Recording sound effects in Masai Mara

Our clients include:

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