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Dolby Atmos

Introducing the Dolby Atmos Dubbing Theatre

Our amazing Dolby Atmos dubbing theatre is up and running, and we have been busy mixing Disneynature’s Born in China in Dolby Atmos. The purpose-built studio offers the best audio experience currently available. The multi channel audio system allows precise placing and movement of sounds, creating a truly three-dimensional soundscape that will give the most immersive and exciting experience for your audio mix. Moreover, the large and natural sounding space makes the theatre ideal for ADR recordings. Click here to contact us to organise a visit and demo.


Theatre specifications

Dolby Atmos Feature Studio Certification
Length: 8.6 metres; Width: 6.2 metres; Height: 4 metres.
Volume: 214 Cubic metres.
Design reverberation time (RT60): 0.25 seconds.
Critical Mix Area (CMA): Width: 2 metres Depth: 1.5 metres.
Projector: HD6K-M Christie 3-DLP, 1080P, 6300 lm, dual lamp
Screen dimensions: 5 x 3.1 metres.

Monitoring System

Screen Speakers: 3 (L, C, R) Meyer Sound Acheron Studio 37Hz – 18 kHz, each 134 dB SPL peak.
Surround Speakers: 30 Meyer Sound HMS5 with 2 x X400C bass managed subs, each 123 dB SPL Peak
LFE: 3 Meyer Sound X800c subs.



Avid S6 M40 32 fader custom configuration within 6 foot 9 knob chassis, 1 x S6 M40 Master module, 1 x S6 Automation module, 1 x Master joystick module,
4 x fader modules, 6 x knob modules, 4 x display modules.


Avid Pro Tools HDX3 System w/MADI interface, Digital Audio Denmark AX32 interface w/1 x mic/line AD card, 3 DA cards. Avid Sync HD, Neve 4081 Quad mic pre, Apple Mac Pro, 3.5GHz, 32GB memory, 256GB Flash storage, D500 GFX, G-Technology G-RAID Studio/Thunderbolt 12TB, Sonnet Echo Express III – Rackmount Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis.


Security and access controls, hospitality and relaxation areas, off street car parking, bicycle racks, shower room, level access for wheelchair users.

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