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International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula

The International Wildlife Film Festival began in 1977 at the University of Montana in Missuola. They have produced an annual wildlife themed film festival each year since 1977, making them the first and longest running event of its kind. Their mission is to promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of wildlife, habitat, people and nature through excellence in film, television and other media.

2009 Merit Award for Sound Design
Nature’s Great Events – The Great Melt, BBC NHU, Series Producer Karen Bass, Sound Editor: Kate Hopkins

2009 Merit Award for Sound Design
Yellowstone – Winter, BBC NHU, Series Producer Andrew Murray, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins, Dubbing Mixer Ben Peace

2009 Merit Award for Sound Design
Earth the Movie, BBC Worldwide & Disney Nature, Producer Alistair Fothergill, Sound Editors Kate Hopkins and Tim Owens

2008 Merit Award for Sound Design
Snow Leopard: Beyond the Myth, BBC NHU, 1 x 50′, Producers Vanessa Berlowitz and Jeff Wilson, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins

2007 Winner Best Sound Design
Galapagos, BBC NHU, 3 x 50′, Series Producer Patrick Morris, Sound Editors Kate Hopkins, Ben Peace, Dubbing Mixer Jane Hancock

2006 Winner Best TV Programme
The Queen Of Trees, Deeble Stone Production, 1 x 50′ Sound Editors Tim Owens and Max Bygrave, Dubbing Mixer Jane Hancock

2002 Merit Award for Sound Effects
The Natural World Hippo Beach, BBC NHU, 1 x 50 min, Producer Phil Chapman

25th (2001) International Wildlife Film Festival Sound Award
Wild Africa Mountains, BBC NHU, 1 x 50 min, Producer: Patrick Morris

25th (2001) International Wildlife Film Festival – Best Sound Effects 1st Place
The Ultimate Guide: Spiders, Green Umbrella, 5 x 50′ Series Producer Nigel Ashcroft

2000 Best Sound Mix
Hokkaido Garden of the Gods, BBC NHU, Director Patrick Morris, 1 X 50í 1999

1996 Sound Award
The Ultimate Guide: Elephants, Windfall Films/David Hickman Films for Discovery, 1 x 50 minute,

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