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The statuette body is hand cast and finished in nickel then plated in copper, silver and then 24 carat gold. The award was designed by Television engineer Louis McManus in 1948 and is made by R.S Owens & Company from Chicago who also make the Academy Awards statuette, the Oscar. The award is 39cm tall with a base diameter of 19cm, the award weighs 2.5kg. Each award comes with its own flight box to keep in safe on the journey home.

The original name for the award was an Immy – a term commonly used in the 1940’s for the Image Orthicon Tube used in early TV cameras, this was later feminized to Emmy to match the statuette.

The Emmy

There are two types Emmy awards that Wounded Buffalo have won. The Primetime Emmy and The News and Documentary Emmy.

Primetime Emmy’s are awarded by the Los Angeles-based Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS). The News and Documentary Emmy’s are awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) now a separate organisation based in New York. These two awarding bodies were one organisation until they split in 1977 but decided to share the awarding of Emmy’s.

Primetime Emmy’s are awarded for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. The News and Documentary Emmy’s are awarded for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Sound and Music.


2012 PrimeTime Emmy Winner for Outstanding Sound Editing
Frozen Planet: To the Ends of the Earth – 1 x 60’, BBC, Series Producer Vanessa Berlowitz , Sound Editors Kate Hopkins & Tim Owens

2011 News & Documentary Emmy Winner – Sound and Music
Great Migrations -Born to Move, 60’, National Geographic, Series Producer David Hamlin, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins,

2008 News and Documentary Emmy Winner 2008 – for Outstanding Music and Sound
Wild China- Heart of the Dragon, 50’, Series Producer Phil Chapman, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins

2007 Prime Time Emmy Winner – Outstanding Sound Editing
Planet Earth, Pole to Pole, BBC NHU Science and Nature, Series Producer Alistair Fothergill, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins,

2005 Emmy Winner 2005 – Outstanding Children’s Programme
Pride, BBC Drama, Director John Downer, 90í 2004

2001 Emmy News & Documentary – Outstanding Individual Achievement In Sound
Haunt of the Hippo, National Geographic Explorerer, Directors Mark Deeble & Vicky Stone, 1 x 50’ 2001, Sound Editor Tim Owens

2017 Emmy Nomination – Best Music and Sound
Planet Earth II, BBC NHU, Series Producer: Tom Hugh-Jones, Sound Editors: Kate Hopkins & Tim Owens, Dubbing Mixer: Graham Wild

2014 Emmy Nomination – Best Music and Sound
Africa, 6 x 60′, BBC Natural History Unit/BBC One/Discovery, Series Producer James Honeyborne, Sound Editors Kate Hopkins & Tim Owens, Dubbing Mixers Chris Domaille, Graham Wild & David Kowalski

2013 News & Documentary Nomination- Outstanding Sound and Music
Untamed Americas, 2 x 50’, National Geographic, Series Producer Karen Bass, Sound Editor: Kate Hopkins

2012 News & Documentary Nomination- Outstanding achievement in a craft: Music and Sound
Madagascar, BBC Earth, Series Producer Mary Summerill. Sound editor: Max Bygrave

2011 Emmy PrimeTime Nomination – Sound Editing
Life – Challenges of Life, 50’, BBC/Discovery Channel, Series Producers Mike Gunton & Martha Holmes, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins,

2009 Emmy Nomination for Sound
Superpride, National Geographic, 1 x 50′, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins

2007 Emmy Nomination – Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music and Sound
The Queen Of Trees, Deeble Stone Production, 1 x 50′ Sound Editors Tim Owens and Max Bygrave, Dubbing Mixer Jane Hancock,

2007 Emmy Nomination for Sound
Valley of the Wolves, National Geographic, 1 x 50′, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins

2005 Emmy Prime Time 2005 – Best Sound Mix Winner
Wolves at Our Door, Dutcher Films for Discovery, 1 x 50 minute, Producers: Jim & Jamie Dutcher,

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