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About us

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Our story

Wounded Buffalo was founded by two good friends with a mutual passion for sound. Tim and Max met at HTV in the late eighties, where they were working as sound editors. When the opportunity came along to work on the BBC series 999, they decided to set up Wounded Buffalo, which was one of Bristol’s first independent and fully digital sound post-production studios.

The timing was perfect. It was 1992, during the transition from tape and film editing to digital non-linear systems. Max happened to own an Audiofile, (one of the first digital audio workstations), which helped Wounded Buffalo get started.

During these early days Kate Hopkins became involved. Kate was already a highly regarded sound editor / sound designer, and her experience with the Natural History Unit has helped make Wounded Buffalo the award-winning studio that it is today.

To find out more about the wild bunch at Wounded Buffalo, click here.

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