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2013 News

We are thrilled to be creating the soundtrack for The BBC NHU’s latest groundbreaking series Hidden Kingdoms (3×50’) which…
“puts the microscope on tiny animals and their exciting lives. It brings nature to life using the latest filming technology and combining that with innovative storytelling, up-close footage and an in-depth perspective on the natural world.”
It’s an astonishing, beautiful and entertaining insight into a World that dwells quite literally beneath our feet… coming soon and we can’t wait!

Don’t miss the first episode of Kangaroo Dundee the Series and catch up with Brolga and his mob of orphaned kangaroos…
mulitiple aaah factor and so tenderly filmed… brilliantly entertaining as ever!… November 29th on BBC2 @ 8.30pm

Tim and Kate have just completed tracklay on the stunning ‘Enchanted Kingdom’ …. A BBC Earth feature film, currently being mixed at Pinewood/Sheperton…. watch this space for a theatrical release date not to be missed!

We are delighted to have created the sountracks for two of the winners at the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Chimpanzee – Disneynature’s Feature film has won the craft award for Best Sound
Very many congratulations to the team. Sound Supervisor: Kate Hopkins, Sound Designer: Tim Owens, Production Mixers: Kristin Mosher and Edward Anderson, Re-Recording Mixers: Andrew Wilson and Matthew Gough

Kangaroo Dundee – AGB Films documentary for BBC and Animal Planet has won the award for Best People & Nature Program
Very many congratulations to Andrew and all at AGB Films!

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D is in the final stages of completion with a release date of December 20th 2013… follow the link for an exciting taster!!


In July 2011 we were delighted to win the audition to create all the vocalisations for WWD 3D… This was a particularly interesting creative challenge, as we needed to come up with a range of unique vocals to convey each individual dinosaur character… The ‘voices’ needed to express real emotion and drama whilst being totally believable… So we endeavoured to use real animal sounds to help the dinosaurs sound as ‘natural’ as possible.

As with most animation, the sound precedes the picture and that is why we became involved way back… We’ve been working on the film for over two years!… Once we’d created the voices the animators then designed mouth and head movements to match.

We ended up using a whole range of sounds which have either come from our ever expanding natural history library (which now includes dinosaurs!) or were specially recorded for this project… and now we can’t wait to see and hear it on the big screen!!

Foley record at Buffalo…foley artist Meltem Baytok amidst some of her props!

Kate Hopkins has recently been nominated for two awards for her work on National Geographic’s Untamed Americas…. A News and Documentary Emmy for best sound…. and a Wild Talk Africa Roscar for best sound design… best of luck Kate!

Hebrides – Islands on the Edge… stunning and not to be missed!
‘Will have you adding a 10% tip to your licence fee’ – the Guardian 6/07/2013

Kate having tea with sound Guru Walter Murch!! at Sheffield Documentary Festival June 2013

At long last Disneynature’s Chimpanzee is to be released in UK cinemas this Friday 3rd May…. Kate and Tim are proud to have tracklayed this beautiful, tender, delightful film about the adventures of young Oscar! A must see for all ages….

Huge Congratulations to Max, Tim and Jonny on winning the RTS West of England sound award for In The Dark Half… along with Paul Hamblin and Andy Hoare… a fantastic sound team!!

Yay! Buffalo have received 3 (of the 4) nominations for best sound at this years RTS WoE awards!!
Jonny, Tim and Andrew for 8 Minutes Idle
Kate and Tim for African Cats &
Max, Tim and Jonny for In the Dark Half
Watch this space…….Good luck everyone!

For February’s TVB Europe article on Wounded Buffalo please follow link…. and go to page 34…


*Please note that it was actually Tim and Max who founded Wounded Buffalo in 1992!…. but that Kate has also been a Buffalo since the beginning!!

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