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Max Bygrave

Dubbing Editor, Sound Designer and Field Recordist

I always knew I wanted to work in the Film and TV industry, and my first job was a trainee projectionist. After two years of countless letters to film companies and studios, I was offered a job at EMI Elstree as a trainee in their dubbing studios. It was 1979 and Elstree was busy filming The Shining, Star Wars 2, and Scum. I worked behind the scenes on the first Alien film, which was being mixed by the legendary Bill Rowe. I then got a job at HTV in Bristol in their newly built dubbing theatre and after a few years I trained as an assistant film editor. My real passion was always in sound, which is what led me to open Wounded Buffalo in 1992 with my friend and colleague Tim Owens.

What is your favourite sound?

I’m always listening out for the wind. I love the sound of wind through grass or leaves, and creaking trees.

What is your favourite sound recording?

I have a great recording of half a dozen Canadian geese taking off, flying 10ft over the microphone.

What is the most challenging project that you’ve worked on?

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D was by far the most challenging film I’ve ever worked on, but it was also the most fun! The challenge was to create a sort of dino-dialogue, which had to be as natural as possible whilst conveying a range of emotions.

What is your favourite film for sound?

I thought the sound for Gravity was amazing.

What would be your dream job?

I would love to do the sound for The Archers, my favourite radio programme.

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