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Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a conservation summit and film festival that takes place in Jackson, Wyoming every two years.

Internationally recognized as the premier event of its genre, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is an unparalleled industry gathering. Its film competition honours top films selected from over 800 categories.

The award design changes per festival.

2017 Best Audioscape Award Jackson Hole
Planet Earth II, (Jungles) BBC NHU, Series Producer: Tom Hugh-Jones, Sound Editors: Kate Hopkins, Dubbing Mixer: Graham Wild

2015 Best Sound Award Jackson Hole
Monkey Kingdom, feature film, Disneynature, Producers Mark Linfield and Alastair Fothergill, Sound Editors Kate Hopkins and Tim Owens, Sound mixers David E Fluhr & Andrew Wilson

2013 Best Sound Award Jackson Hole
Chimpanzee -Feature film, Disneynature, Producers Mark Linfield and Alastair Fothergill, Sound Supervisor Kate Hopkins, Sound Designer Tim Owens, Production Mixers: Kristin Mosher and Edward Anderson, Re-Recording Mixers: Andrew Wilson and Matthew Gough

2007 Winner Best of Festival Jackson Hole
Galapagos, BBC NHU, 3 x 50′, Series Producer Patrick Morris, Sound Editors Kate Hopkins, Ben Peace, Dubbing Mixer Jane Hancock

2005 Best Sound Award Jackson Hole
British Isles : A Natural History, 2 of 8 x 50’ 2005, BBC NHU Science and Nature

2003 Best Sound Award Jackson Hole
Battlefields – Sharks, BBC NHU, 4 x 60’, Series Producer Michael Bright,

Best Grand Teton Award Jackson Hole
Haunt of the Hippo, National Geographic Explorer, Directors Mark Deeble & Vicky Stone, 1 x 50’ 2001, Sound Editor Tim Owens

2014 Science Media Awards Finalist in Best Audioscape Jackson Hole
Bears, Disneynature. Direction Alastiar Fothergill, Sound Designers: Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens. Re-recording mixers: Andrew Wilson & Matthew Gough

2009 Finalist for Sound Jackson Hole
Yellowstone – Winter, BBC NHU, Series Producer Andrew Murray, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins, Dubbing Mixer Ben Peace

2005 Finalist – Best Achievement in Sound Jackson Hole
Massive Nature, The Crossing, Sound Editor Kate Hopkins,

2005 Finalist – Best Series, Jackson Hole
A Natural History of Europe, 2 of 4 x 50’ 2005, BBC NHU Science and Nature, Series Producer Patrick Morris

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