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Golden Reel

Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) was founded in 1953 and is dedicated to improving the recognition of its members by educating the public and the rest of the filmmaking community as to the artistic merit of sound editing.

Each year the MPSE presents “The Golden Reel Awards,” in which we acknowledge the year’s best work in the various areas of sound editing: Dialogue, ADR, Effects, Foley and Music.

The trophy is 40cm tall including it wooden base and weighs around 1kg and is made by high street trophy maker Anderson Trophy Co. of Hollywood.

2017 The Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing
North America (No Place to hide), Discovery Channel, Director: Huw Cordy, Sound Editors: Kate Hopkins & Tim Owens

2014 MPSE Golden Reel Award Winner for Best Sound Editing in Television: Documentary
North America, 7 x 60′, Silverback Films/Discovery Channel, Series Producers Keith Scholey, Huw Cordey, Supervising Sound Editors Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens

2005 Winner Outstanding Achievement in Sound – The Golden Reel Award
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, Aardman Animation and Dreamworks, Dialogue/ADR Editor Tim Owens,

2003 Best Sound editing in television animation
Robbie the Reindeer Legend of the lost tribe, BBC, Executive producer Richard Curtis Sound editor: Tim Owens

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